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    Committed to solving the
    BIGGEST problems
    related to organ transplantation


  • Initiatives

    Ending Transplant Failure
    The Optimal Transplant Life Initiative
    Solving the Organ Donor Shortage


  • Our Expertise  

    Patient Analytics, Prediction Modeling,
    Patient Reported Outcomes,
    Education, HLA / Non-HLA Research,
    and more



We are are optimistic scientists and clinicians working to innovate and solve the biggest problems related to organ transplantation. 

At the Terasaki Research Institute, we believe in helping people live longer and the success of transplantation. In collaboration with leading physicians, scientists, and the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry, we will solve the major problems leading to and limiting the access and success of transplantation. We support our family of the brightest data scientists, health services researchers, biostatisticians, and translational scientists. Our unique culture allows for superior academic research, creativity, and collaboration. We value collaboration, innovation, the patient's well being, honesty, and integrity. Our willingness and ability to focus on the patient’s needs and collaborate with the entire transplant community is one of our major strengths. As an independent non-profit research institute, we do research with medical centers worldwide, serve as a core lab on research grants, conduct in depth data analysis, have major health literacy and education programs, work within and help develop research consortia, run organ transplant registries, and work with technology, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical partners to innovate.



Our initiatives to achieve our vision:



Ending Transplant Failure Initiative

Poor long-term survival of a transplanted organ (allograft) is one of the major problems in transplant today. We believe that we can end transplant failure and make a patient's first transplant last as long as he/she needs it to last. We have many collaborative efforts and clinical trials underway in this area to better understand the causes of transplant failure - circulating antibodies directed toward donor human leukocyte antigens (HLA) (donor-specific anti-HLA antibodies, DSA) - and treat them.

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The Optimal Transplant Life Initiative

At the Terasaki Research Institute, we are keenly focused on working together with transplant patients to get a better understanding of their habits, preferences, and quality of life. We want to make transplant care, transplant medications, and the entire transplant process better fit the needs of the transplant patients. We believe that we can combine the patient's needs and thoughts with our basic science research and transplant education to make a transplant recipient's life better.

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Solving the Organ Donor Shortage

Patients are waiting for transplants and dying while waiting. At the Terasaki Research Institute, we are working to solve the organ donor shortage. We believe organs should be available for those who need a transplant. We also believe that we need to do a better job preventing transplant from being needed. A better understanding of the diseases leading to organ transplant is a start. We aim to creative preventative strategies (i.e. education, therapeutics, engineering) to stop the need for organ transplantation.

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