Our Leadership Principles

Our Leadership Principles

Each employee at the Terasaki Institute is expected to be a leader.

As such everyone should strive to possess the following traits.

Obsess on Human Health

We obsess on improving human health and wellness. We work backward from the patient to cures. We do not worry about competitors but focus on unsolved medical problems. 

Aim Big

We will only do projects that are important and impactful to patients. Doing something mundane takes the same amount of time as enabling a transformative concept. We focus on the long-term and do not sacrifice it for short-term gains.

Communicate Effectively

We communicate effectively to establish strong connections, collaborate, as well as to clarify short-term tasks and long-term strategy.

Create and Simplify Solutions

We expect to solve important problems with creativity and rigor. We aim to develop solutions that can be broadly used, therefore we make sure that they are as simple as possible.

Hire and Develop the Best

We expect the best from our team. In turn, we reward our top performers. Leaders develop leaders and mentor them to become the best they can be. 

Be Frugal

We do not waste resources. We aim to accomplish the most with the least resources. 

Take Ownership

We work as teams and do whatever is needed to get the job done. We do not say this is not my job. 

Act with Integrity and Earn Trust

We aim to help others without hesitation and expectation of something in return. We are fair and humble. We speak the truth and strive for greatness.

Dive Deep

We aim to understand the important details of our problems. We read broadly and deeply into the literature.  

Increase Standards and Raise the Bar Daily

We push ourselves and each other. We constantly increase expectations of ourselves and our teammates. We routinely assess processes and find ways of improving them.

Learn and Be Curious

We aim to broaden our knowledge by learning other disciplines. We constantly try to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone. 

Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit

We challenge each other and express our opinions. We debate the best way to address problems by taking in perspectives from diverse groups. Once a decision is made we fully commit to it independent of our initial position.

Move Fast and Deliver Results

We push ourselves to move fast without cutting corners. We constantly try to increase efficiency and improve how we accomplish goals. We focus on making impact on patients' lives through innovative publications, patents, proposals, and start-ups. “I tried” is not sufficient. 


Doing biomedical innovation is an exercise in perseverance. Ninety percent of proposals do not get funded and most papers do not initially get accepted. We do not get discouraged and push ahead until we achieve success.

Be Opportunistic

What was in fashion yesterday is old today. Leaders change and adapt as needed to remain impactful. They see opportunities ahead of others and seem to be always at the right place and right time. They stay on course when needed and change directions when it makes sense.

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