• HLA Class II DP Epitopes.

HLA Class II DP Epitopes.


Deng CT, Cai J, Ozawa M, El-Awar N.

Clinical Transplants 2007, Chapter 19


Both alpha (DPA1) and beta (DPB1) peptide chains of class II HLA-DP heterodimers contain polymorphic regions. Five DPB1 epitopes, for which we propose numbers 001-4005, were identified by the reaction patterns of the DPB1 antibodies to DPB1 alleles of DP single antigen beads. Epitopes were defined by unique amino acids shared by the positive antigens of the antibodies. The unique amino acids for 002, they are DED at positions 55-57; for 001 specificities. So this test demonstrated that a single antibody was reactive to the epitope shared by multiple antigens.     

HLA Class II DP Epitopes.

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