Who we are



Who we are

The Terasaki Research Institute (TRI), formerly known as the Terasaki Foundation Laboratory, is an independent non-profit research foundation that is affiliated with the University of California, Los Angeles. We opened our doors in Los Angeles, CA and began working towards solutions to the biggest transplant problems in April 2000.

Our Culture

The TRI Way

The Terasaki Research Institute (TRI) is more than just a place to work, it is a creative and nuturing environment. We are fun-loving, hard-working, mission-driven, health and mindfullness conscious. We support and care for each other as a family. Our leadership is honored to work with an amazing group of scientists and research staff.

Driving Transplant Innovation for Patients

When patients have a chronic condition such as kidney disease, heart disease, cystic fibrosis, or diabetes that can lead to organ failure and a need for transplant. They need the best care and solutions to get them back to the best life possible. We know that the current care models and research is amazing but it could be better. At the Terasaki Research Institute, our scientists, staff, and collaborators dedicate their lives to make the lives of people better. We have worked with transplant center across the globe, extensively partnered with industry, and studied thousands of transplant patients. Our willingness and ability to focus on the patient’s needs and collaborate with the entire transplant community is one of our major strengths. We do research with medical centers worldwide, serve as a core lab on research grants, conduct in-depth data analysis for researchers and corporate partners, have major health literacy and education programs, work within and help develop research consortia, run organ transplant registries, and work with technology, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical partners to innovate.


Matthew Everly
Steven Hardy


Jennifer Beaumont
Principal Biostatistician
Satoru Kawakita
Data Scientist/Biomedical Engineer
Anh Nguyen

Assistant Director of Research Services

Shari Denham

Lead Research Associate, Clinical Trials

Victor Burnett
Lead Engineer

John Gozal
Research Associate


Matthias Hamdorf
Vadim Jucaud
Judy Hopfield
Lab Manager
Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Wei Huang
Research Associate

Bach Tran
Research Associate
Tho Pham
Clinical Laboratory Scientist


Amy Waterman
Deputy Director

Transplant Research and Education Ctr
Associate Professor, UCLA Nephrology

Crystal Anderson
Business and
Research Operations
Administrator (UCLA)
Omesh Ranasinghe
Statistician (UCLA)

Grace Kim
Asst Public Admin Analyst (UCLA)

Neha Bijjala
Asst Public Admin Analyst (UCLA)
Yujie Cui
Data Lead
Lauren Senkbell
Survey Center Manager


Rene Castro
Operations Manager
Veronica Gozal
Accounting Manager
Stewart Han
Development and Finance Manager
Jennifer Magana
Project Coordinator

Keiko Takahashi
Accounting Associate
Anwar Titodipoero
Admin Associate


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