At the Terasaki Research Institute, we believe in organ transplantation.

In collaboration with leading physicians, scientists, and the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry, we will solve the major problems limiting the success of organ transplantation. We will build a better understanding of human immunology as it relates to the transplant patient. We will do this all by innovating and studying the immune system and the transplant patient in ways not done before. Our research will supply the transplant community with a new understanding of how to achieve success in transplantation. Our ability to collaborate with the entire transplant community is one of our major strengths.

As an independent non-profit research institute, we do research with transplant centers worldwide, serve as a core lab on research grants, work within research consortia, run major transplant registries, and we have research partnerships with many companies that develop new medications and technologies in transplantation


We conduct research with integrity and ethics.

Code of Conduct

The Terasaki Research Institute is committed to conducting its activities with the highest integrity and ethical standards. All employees and officers, when working for, managing, or representing the Terasaki Research Institute, will be honest and ethical and will adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. In addition, in cases in which a conflict of interest arises, the employee/officer will avoid or properly manage and fully disclose all real or potential conflicts of interests.