Tips on Finding the Best Public School for Your Child!

Choosing a public school for your child is a much more complex task today. With so many options available than the neighborhood school down the street, parents will often feel overwhelmed with trying to determine the specific needs of their child and researching all the schools around the area to find the best fit for those needs. Here are some tips in helping you choose the best school for your child and list of a few schools that are nearby.

Tips to Help Find the Best School for Your Child:

1. Schedule a School Visit

2. Evaluate Each School

3. District Zones and Your Neighborhood School

4. Finding a Good Fit

5. Choosing a Focus

6. Observe a Class

7. Experience the Schools and Neighborhoods around there

8. Does the school meet my family’s basic needs?

9. What electives, sports, and service opportunities are available?

10. Will my child be safe here?

Elementary Schools

Castle Heights Elementary School

Palms Elementary School

Overland Avenue Elementary School

Clover Avenue Elementary School

Balboa Gifted/High Ability Magnet Elementary School

Mar Vista Elementary School

Canfield Avenue Elementary School

Middle Schools

Emerson Middle School

Mark Twain Middle School

Culver City Middle School

Marina Del Rey Middle School

Orville Wright Middle School

Palms Middle School

Daniel Webster Middle School

High Schools

Albert Einstein High School

Frida Kahlo High School

Diane S. Leichman High School

San Antonio High School

John R. Wooden High School

Venice Senior High School

Beverly Hills High School

Santa Monica High School

Bravo Medical Magnet High School

Math, Science, & Technology Magnet Academy at Roosevelt High School

King Drew Medical Magnet High School

Alexander Hamilton Senior High School

Avalon High School

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