Samad Ahadian, Assistant Professor 

Dr. Samad Ahadian is a development engineer at the C-MIT (Khademhosseini’s Lab.) as well as Department of Bioengineering, UCLA. He has done extensive research on skeletal muscle tissue engineering, cardiac tissue regeneration, nanobiomaterials, hydrogels, and antimicrobial materials. His research works have been published in top-tier journals, including Nature Materials, Advanced Materials, Nano Letters, Lab on a Chip, and Nanoscale. He received his PhD in materials science from Tohoku University (Japan) in 2011. He worked as postdoctoral research associate and then assistant professor at Tohoku University until 2015. Following that, he held positions as a research fellow at University of Toronto (Canada) and then as a Biomaterials Scientist at the Covalon Technologies Ltd., Canada.

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