Looking for a roommate to help you split the cost of expensive city rents? Finding a roommate online can be easier than it seems. There are plenty of websites out there dedicated to helping people match up with others who have the same housing needs. So the Terasaki team has compiled a list of sites to help make that easier for you.

1. Roomster

Roomster is an easy-to-use roommate finder that is available online and through their mobile-app. Users can sign up via their social media account or with an email address and it will links the users’ social media accounts to the app, so you can find potential roommates by browsing their profiles. The website and app allow for easy browsing, users can scroll through filtered results of other Roomster users or properties. You can even view a map of the area with dots indicating the location of nearby listings. Once a user finds a roommate that looks promising, they can connect through the Roomster mailbox.

2. Roommates

Roommates uses your social network to find roommates. It is an app that will match you to a potential roommate based on factors such as lifestyle, interests, rent budget, and neighborhood. Users can browse a list of potential roommates anonymously, see if they have any mutual friends, and then reach out if they’re interested. Roommates uses a secure messaging center and verifies user identities through multiple sources to create a safe and secure experience. The company even boasts a fraud detection tool that helps keep scammers off of the system.

3. RoomieMatch

This website is focused on helping you find a roommate that matches your personality, but you’ve probably already figured that out from its name. At Roomiematch, submissions are verified by human reviewers who are particularly careful to rule out any scammers, spambots or real people with shady intentions. They also run an IP Address Actual Location Analysis on subscribers’ computers so they can share the actual cities in which you can find your next roommate.

4. Diggz

Diggz allows you to find a roommate by your personal preferences and search criteria. They help you to find a roommate if you have specific habit preferences, such as tobacco use, drug use, level of interaction you want with the person, eating habits, cleanliness and more. This site provides security, advanced matching, and scammer screening at no cost! If a user clicks the “Like” on a match, and the match “likes” the user back, the two can begin a secure and private conversation on the platform. This allows the users to take their time communicating through the app and establish a connection before deciding to share personal contact information or meet up in person sort of a like a dating app. Their A.I. software also weeds out scammers by verifying users via social media profiles and other factors.

5. SpareRoom

SpareRoom takes trust and security very seriously and uses a team of real people to screen each and every ad to ensure listings are safe and verified. The system uses automatic filtering software on its internal messaging system to scan for and quarantine any messages sent by scammers. SpareRoom also hosts speed “room-mating” events in NYC, which are similar to speed dating meetups, to help people meet potential roommates the old-fashioned way: face-to-face. 

6. Roomi

Roomi is the go-to option for people considered with security. Each user can complete a background check and verify their identity by linking them with their Facebook account. It also provides a secure messaging app, so you don’t have to share your personal information before you’re ready. While you can download the app and create a listing for free, you’ll only be able to receive messages from users paying for the service. If you want to increase your exposure and send messages to other users, it costs $24.90 for a month. The extra cost may seem high when there are so many free options, but it’s well worth it for the peace of mind. Roomi can help you connect with a new housemate in most major cities throughout the US.

7. Circle for Roommates

Circle is  free app that can help you connect with friends or mutual friends in your social media network who are also looking for an available room or a new place to live. Having some kind of personal connection will make it a little less stressful to sign a lease together. For added security, users can get verified through a background check and a government ID check. If you’re wary of moving in with somebody’s vague acquaintance, you can ask for verification to make sure there’s nothing fishy. The interface is similar to Tinder, so you can quickly swipe through potential matches, and will only be able to contact people who are also interested in being your potential roommate. Users can select tags and express their lifestyle preferences to avoid a bad match. 

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