Tired of wasting countless hours searching for a place to rent on Craigslist, only to find the listing has expired, looks nothing like it did in the pictures, or worse…is a total and complete scam?! The Terasaki team has decided it was time to save you from those lost hours that could be spent out with friends or netflixing, and put together our Top 5 Search Sites for Renting in Los Angeles.

1. Zillow

Zillow is a free to use real estate "marketplace", to help you search for places to rent, buy, sell, you can even get advice on financing, remodeling and home design from their blogs! Their site is user-friendly and has a bit of everything to help you find your new abode!

2. Zumper

On Zumper you are able to use their "Apply Instantly" feature, that will submit one rental application, one credit report, and apply you to all the rentals you like within one click. You just need to fill out all your information just once, then search and apply immediately upon finding a Zumper rental. 

3. Radpad

Radpad is a full-service rental site but also has a user-friendly mobile app that they are well known for! They guarantee legitimate and quality listings by requiring landlords to post at least 3 high definition images, as well as featuring “PadTank”–an algorithm that weeds out inaccurate, expired and illegitimate listings from their site. RadPad allows users to pay their rent ONLINE with their credit cards. RadPad sends your landlord a check via mail (for a fee) and doesn’t require your landlord to be a member on RadPad or sign up for anything. 

4. HotPads

Hotpads has an easy to navigate, map-based housing marketplace, allowing people to find their next place to live by location. Users can search for rental homes, apartments, and homes for sale, and can view full descriptions, unlimited pictures, and get into direct contact with each housing provider.

5. Westside Rentals

Westside Rentals is probably the best known apartment-search tool in LA/SoCal—giving Southern California renters the largest choice of over 10,000+ listings of rental properties to help them find their perfect home! You can guest preview listings for free, but to get email/text alerts of new vacancies that fit your criteria, a minimum 2 month membership is required ($60 total). 

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