The Complete Transplant Patient Initiative


The Complete Transplant Patient Initiative

At the Terasaki Research Institute, we want to solve problems with the whole patient in mind.

Knowing how the transplanted organ and the recipient's immune system interact is important to ending chronic rejection. However, making the life of a transplant patient better requires us to investigate beyond the immunological problems.  Gone are the days when we (care providers) just tell transplant patients what they need to do to survive post-transplant. At the Terasaki Research Institute, we are keenly focused on working together with transplant patients to get a better understanding of their habits, preferences, and quality of life. We want to make transplant care, transplant medications, and the entire transplant process better fit the needs of the transplant patients. We believe that we can combine the patient's needs and thoughts with our basic science research and transplant education to make a transplant recipient's life better.  This requires basic scientists, clinicians, and health services researchers to work together WITH the patient.


Understanding the patient, the burden of disease, and how a patient views both the medications prescribed and the current care standards may help us design better ways to make a patient's quality of life better. This will lead to better transplant outcomes. 



Our Transplant Research and Education Center scientists will work with transplant patients to build a better medication and a better care model for transplant. As we develop tools to assess the burden of transplant and other patient reported outcomes, we hope to solve or improve the rates of medication non-adherence. We will improve transplant education. We aim to be able to use these newly developed tools, in conjunction with pharmaceutical companies, to make therapies that address not only the immune system but also a patient's preferences.