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Research Scientist sought by The Terasaki Family Foundation dba Terasaki Foundation Laboratory in Los Angeles, CA. 

Duties: Conduct research studies in the field of organ transplantation.  Carry out experimental protocols in organ transplantation that focus on gaining a greater understanding on using microscopic organisms to improve the outcomes of solid organ transplantation.  Conduct laboratory research targeting the molecular pathways involved in organ rejection following transplantation. Study the role of antibiotics and microorganisms on organ transplant outcome.  Investigate potential pathogens affecting solid organ transplant patients, pre- and post-transplantation.  Develop cell lines for HLA antigens and monoclonal antibodies.  Conduct genome editing with CRISPR/CAS9. Conduct research on messenger RNA, microRNA, and long noncoding RNA.  Use engineered cell lines for genetic screening and therapeutic applications. Develop and prototype novel instrumentation and devices, as well as novel therapeutic strategies. Collaborate with other investigators on research proposals and projects, including study design, research methodology, and analytic interpretation. Develop and carry out organ transplant research studies using applied and quantitative methodological research. Participate in educational programs for research staff, including formal colloquia, intensive workshops, and seminar series. Collaborate with the Principal Investigator to write scholarly papers, review articles and book chapters, and present research findings at scientific meetings and conferences.

Requirements: Doctorate (Ph.D.) degree, or equivalent, in Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Immunology, or a closely related field, plus two (2) years of microbiology, biochemistry, virology, or related research experience with: immunology and vaccine development research; human stem cells cultivation, including ES cells, iPSCs, HSCs, and differentiation; confocal microscopy and high content screening; RNA synthesis; and scientific software for analyzing and reporting data.

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