The election is a week away and I encourage each of you to make a plan and vote. This is our opportunity to make our voices heard to create change to improve the world around us. But it’s not enough to simply vote, it is imperative that each of us continue to use our voices to address science policy and social justice causes we care about. 

Our everyday lives are surrounded by scientific discovery and innovation that have improved our quality of life, from our smart devices tracking our heart rate to energy efficient cars to small robots vacuuming our floors. We often take for granted the scientific advances that are less visible but incredibly important such as vaccine development, new treatments or more efficient and reliable testing processes. With all these discoveries, also comes the responsibility for oversight, protection, and using the data to inform decisions in the best interest of our communities and to promote health and prevent diseases.   



A Heart-Breast Cancer-on-a-Chip Monitoring System

Dual-organ system enables the measurement of cardiac toxicity arising from breast cancer chemotherapy. READ MORE


Announcing the Launch of a National Campaign to Capture Stories of Hope and Transformation through Living Donation

The Transplant Research and Education Center (TREC) and the Terasaki Institute for Biomedical Innovation, with support from Thermo Fisher Scientific, announce the kickoff of a campaign to capture stories of hope and transformation through the Explore Living Donation Storytelling Project. READ MORE


Wearable Pressure-Sensitive Devices for Medical Use

Novel design and strategic use of materials in a pressure-sensitive adhesive strip. READ MORE


Microneedles for Therapeutic Gene Delivery

Researchers develop a minimally invasive biodegradable microneedle patch as a novel delivery mode for gene therapy applications. READ MORE


Upcoming Fireside Chats
November 6th
Cellular Agriculture with Dr. Liz Specht and Dr. Ali Khademhosseini
Upcoming Terasaki Talks

Wednesday, November 4th

Join our next Terasaki Talk seminar with Dr. Sheng Xu, on New Materials and Devices for Soft Electronics.

November 4th
Sheng Xu, UC San Diego

November 11th
Justin Hanes, Johns Hopkins University

November 18th
Utkan Demirci, Stanford University

November 20th
Amy Waterman, Terasaki Institute for Biomedical Innovation, TREC

November 25th
Joseph M. DeSimone, Stanford University

December 2nd
Jeff Karp, Harvard Medical School

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Past Terasaki Talks
Past Fireside Chats

Congratulations to the Terasaki Budokan on the completion of the new multi-purpose gymnasium in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles. This past Saturday they held a celebration highlighting the past, present, and future of Terasaki Budokan. Dr. Paul I. Terasaki was not only a pioneer in organ transplant and developed one of the first personalized therapeutics, but he was also a philanthropist and long-time supporter of the Japanese American community. He had a passion for sustaining the Japanese American culture and was committed to supporting organizations that would engage the next generation in community.

Check out their Virtual Celebration highlighting the past, present, and future of Terasaki Budokan. 

The Transplant Research and Education Center (TREC) and Health Literacy Media have received the first-place award in the Special COVID-19 Category at the 2020 ClearMark Award for “Doing everything you can during COVID-19,” a comprehensive educational guide for kidney and transplant patients. READ MORE

Ali Khademhosseini and Samad Ahadian are both organizers of the Virtual Regenerative Engineering Society Symposium of AIChE

Submit an abstract to join the symposium

Dr. Samad Ahadian has been invited to speak at the 6th International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Virtual Conference). This event is expected to be a platform to present and discuss path breaking research ideas and be an interface between academia and industry for the societal needs. 

Check it out here:

Ana Lopez received her PhD in “Environmental Chemistry Engineering” at the Industrial Engineering School of the Technical University of Madrid (ETSII-UPM), in the group of Optics, Photonics and Biophotonics at the Center for Biomedical Technology CTB-UPM in Madrid. READ MORE

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Toward A Neurospheroid Niche Model: Optimizing Embedded 3D Bioprinting for Fabrication of Neurospheroid Brain-like Co-culture Constructs.
Li YC, Jodat YA, Samanipour R, Zorzi G, Zhu K, Hirano M, Chang K, Arnaout A, Hassan S, Matharu N, Khademhosseini A, Hoorfar M, Shin SR.

ACS Nano
Engineering Antiviral Vaccines.
Zhou X, Jiang X, Qu M, Aninwene GE 2nd, Jucaud V, Moon JJ, Gu Z, Sun W, Khademhosseini A. 

Advanced Science
Screening Cancer Immunotherapy: When Engineering Approaches Meet Artificial Intelligence.
Zhou X, Qu M, Tebon P, Jiang X, Wang C, Xue Y, Zhu J, ZhangS, Oklu R, Sengupta S, Sun W, Khademhosseini A.

Advanced Science 
An Alkaline Based Method for Generating Crystalline, Strong, and Shape Memory Polyvinyl Alcohol Biomaterials.
Darabi MA,  Khosrozadeh A, Wang Y,  Ashammakhi N, Alem H, Erdem A, Chang Q, Xu K, Liu Y, Luo G, Khademhosseini A, Xing M.

ACS Applied Bio Materials
Rhodamine Conjugated Gelatin Methacryloyl Nanoparticles for Stable Cell Imaging.
Xue Y, Lee J, Kim HJ, Cho HJ, Zhou X, Liu Y, Tebon P, Hoffman T, Qu M, Ling H, Jiang X, Li Z, Zhang S, Sun W, Ahadian S, Dokmeci MR, Lee K, Khademhosseini A. 

Small Methods
Combined Effects of Electric Stimulation and Microgrooves in Cardiac Tissue‐on‐a‐Chip for Drug Screening.
Ren L, Zhou X, Nasiri R, Fang J, Jiang X, Wang C, Qu M, Ling H, Chen Y, Xue Y, Hartel MC, Tebon P, Zhang S, Kim HJ, Yuan X, Shamloo A, Dokmeci MR, Li S, Khademhosseini A, Ahadian S, Sun W.

Bioeng Transl Med.
In Situ Forming Microporous Gelatin Methacryloyl Hydrogel Scaffolds from Thermostable Microgels for Tissue Engineering.
Zoratto N, Di Lisa D, de Rutte J, Sakib MN, Alves E Silva AR, Tamayol A, Di Carlo D, Khademhosseini A, Sheikhi A.

Adv. Funct. Mater.
Gelatin Methacryloyl‐Based Tactile Sensors for Medical Wearables.
Li Z, Zhang S, Chen Y, Ling H, Zhao L, Luo G, Wang X, Hartel MC, Liu H, Xue Y, Haghniaz R, Lee K, Sun W, Kim H, Lee J, Zhao Y, Zhao Y, Emaminejad S, Ahadian S, Ashammakhi N, Dokmeci MR, Jiang Z, Khademhosseini A.

Current Transplantation Reports
Amplifying the Patient Voice: Key Priorities and Opportunities for Improved Transplant and Living Donor Advocacy and Outcomes During COVID-19 and Beyond.
Waterman AD, Gleason J, Lerminiaux L, Wood EH, Berrios A, Meacham LA, Osuji A, Pines R, Peipert JD.

Terasaki Institute Excellence Photograph Award

A panel of Terasaki Institute staff ("Judges") will select two (2) eligible entries one [1] image for each category :

Broad Science

The Grand Prize Winner in each Category will receive a $1000 Gift Card. Visit to enter.

Postdoctoral Research Positions
Multiple postdoctoral researcher positions are available at the Terasaki Institute in the following areas:

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
Microfluidics and Organs on a Chip
Flexible Electronics and Microfluidics
Cancer and Immunotherapy

Terasaki Fellows
The Institute seeks to recruit, flourish, and retain exceptional researchers with outstanding talent and technical skills as Terasaki Fellows. The Fellowships are intended for brilliant applicants with outstanding expertise and achievements who received their PhD or MD degree within the last five years. It is intended to prepare the fellow for an academic career.

Transplant Research and Education Center
Multiple positions are available in our Personalized Transplant Education and Communication department, which conducts education and research initiatives that focus on understanding and overcoming the modifiable barriers affecting transplant rates and outcomes:

Principal Data Scientist
Research Associate - Supervisor
Senior Executive Administrative Assistant

Apply now on our Careers Page

Philanthropy enables the Terasaki Institute to work on transformative research and the flexibility to pursue the most pressing medical challenges. To support our research efforts, please consider making a donation today.
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