Terasaki Institute for Biomedical Innovation Announces Partnership with Rousselot

January 12, 2022

– The Terasaki Institute for Biomedical Innovation (TIBI), a non-profit multidisciplinary bioengineering research institution, announces their partnership with Darling Ingredients’ health brand, Rousselot®, the world leader in collagen-based solutions, with more than 130 years of gelatin and collagen expertise.

With their long-standing experience in tissue engineering and regeneration, bio-fabrication using 3D printing and engineering micro- and nano-scale medical devices, TIBI has relied heavily on the use of modified and functionalized gelatin biomaterials for their research and experimentation. In doing so, they have developed valuable insights into gelatin’s behavior and have used this knowledge to optimize and tune gelatin biomaterials for various biomedical applications.

In taking the next steps toward translating TIBI’s technologies to the clinic, Rousselot will provide TIBI with products from their X-Pure® line of modified gelatins; these products meet the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards for product quality and reproducibility, as well as unsurpassed purity and consistency. TIBI’s scientists have already tested and validated X-Pure® products’ premium quality and look forward to using them for their advanced research.

“We are delighted to work together with TIBI and its team of world-renowned researchers,” said Jos Vervoort, Rousselot’s Executive Vice-President. Our X-Pure® gelatins’ purity and scalability will support their full cycle of research and clinical development and we are proud to play a role in helping the experts at TIBI translate their research into viable biomedical solutions that can help patients across the planet.”

The partnership between the two organizations will have an initial duration of two years, fostering a close collaboration between TIBI’s experts on tissue engineering, 3D printing, and microneedles and Rousselot’s experts in collagen- and gelatin-based biomaterials. Through this strategic partnership, Rousselot and TIBI will work together and exchange ideas on the development of gelatin-based therapies and their translation to the clinic.

“We are excited to partner with Rousselot and to be able to use Rousselot’s high-quality, purified X-Pure® gelatins for our research,” explained Ali Khademhosseini, Ph.D., TIBI’s Director and CEO. Modified gelatins have proven to be powerful biomaterials in regenerative medicine and many other applications, and the X-Pure® products will greatly support our work both in the lab and in clinical translation.”

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