Terasaki Talks Presents: “Additively Manufactured Porous Titanium Scaffolds: Cell Proliferation”, Presenter: Dr. Bingbing Li


Pore size, external shape, and internal complexity of additively manufactured porous titanium scaffolds are three primary determinants of cell viability and structural strength of scaffolds in bone tissue engineering. To obtain an optimal design with the combination of all three determinants, four scaffolds each with a unique topology (external geometry and internal structure) were designed and varied the pore sizes of each scaffold 3 times. For each topology, scaffolds with pore sizes of 300, 400, and 500 µm were designed. All designed scaffolds were additively manufactured in material Ti6Al4V by the direct metal laser melting machine. Compression test was conducted on the scaffolds to assure meeting minimum compressive strength of human bone. The effects of pore size and topology on the cell viability of the scaffolds were analyzed. The 12 scaffolds were ultrasonically cleaned and seeded with NIH3T3 cells. Each scaffold was seeded with 1 million cells. After 32 days of culturing, the cells were fixed for their three-dimensional architecture preservation and to obtain scanning electron microscope images.


Dr. Bingbing Li is an Associate Professor in the Department of Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management at California State University Northridge (CSUN). He is the Director of Laboratory for Sustainable and Additive Manufacturing (LSAM). Dr. Li’s research areas include Additive Manufacturing (3D bioprinting, Metal 3D printing), Smart Manufacturing (Digital Twin, Autonomy) and Sustainable Manufacturing (Manufacturing Energy Efficiency, Life Cycle Assessment, Sustainability Analysis). He has authored over 40 research articles and book chapters. Dr. Li’s research has been supported by federal grants such as DOD, NSF, DOE-Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII).

Dr. Li also serves as the Faculty Mentor of NIH Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD) Promoting Opportunities for Diversity in Education and Research (PODER) since 2015, U.S. Department of Education HSI-STEM/ AIMS2 (Attract, Inspire, Mentor and Support Students) since 2016, and NASA Autonomy Research Center for STEAHM (ARCS) since 2020. Dr. Li received the Outstanding Engineering Achievement Merit Award from San Fernando Valley Engineers’ Council in 2018.

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