Terasaki Talks: Dr. Alessandro Grattoni

Unprecedented development in controlled delivery systems have allowed for mimicking of endocrine glands responsive to biological cues for the treatment of hormonal and metabolic disorders. In this context, micro- and nanofluidic systems represent unique platforms that can be exploited to recapitulate organ functions or enable superior control of drug administration.
This talk will provide an overview of the nanofluidic nanotechnologies under development and translation in our laboratory for the controlled delivery of therapeutics and for the transplantation of endocrine cell for the treatment of chronic pathologies. Emphasis will be given to technologies developed for HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, obesity and metabolic syndrome, intratumoral cancer immunotherapy as well as diabetes. Additionally the work developed in the HMRI’s Center for Space Nanomedicine will be presented specifically for what pertains the development and testing of nanotechnologies and rodent studies on board of the International Space Station (ISS).


Grattoni Alessandro, Ph.D, is the Chairman and Professor of the Department of Nanomedicine at The Houston Methodist Research Institute, HMRI, and Professor in the Departments of Surgery and Radiation Oncology at the Houston Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, USA. His research activities are dedicated to the development and clinical translation of implantable nanofluidic platforms for controlled, long-term drug delivery and cell transplantation. He has also engaged in the analysis of electrokinetic transport in nanochannels for modulating the release of therapeutics from reservoirs. The objective is to achieve a remotely controlled drug delivery implant, which will enable telemedicine approaches and personalized treatment of patients. Additionally, his team has created a novel 3D printed encapsulation device, the NICHE, for the transplantation of cells. Dr. Grattoni established the Center for Space Nanomedicine at HMRI, focused on leveraging microgravity on the International Space Station for the investigation of nanomedicine for applications on-Earth and in Space. Dr. Grattoni’s research has received support from, NIH (NCI, NIGMS, NIAID), CASIS-ISS National Lab, NASA, DOD, JDRF, Gilead Sciences, Automobili Lamborghini, numerous foundations and the industry. Laboratory Profile:

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Event Date 07-08-2020 8:00 am
Event End Date 07-08-2020 9:00 am
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