Natashya Falcone, Ph.D

Natashya Falcone received her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada. She then went on to pursue her PhD in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry also at the University of Toronto. During her PhD, she worked on synthesizing and developing peptide conjugates capable of forming hydrogel materials. She explored the stimuli-responsive properties (pH, redox, temperature, and solvent) as well as biocompatible nature of the peptide gels. She also explored these hydrogels as an entrapment matrix for catalytic enzyme support in industrial biotransformation applications, as a multi-component matrix for mesenchymal stem cell support, and as an on-demand drug delivery matrix for antimicrobials using a LASER controlled method. She holds expertise in the synthesis of bio-conjugates and the development and characterization (rheology, TEM, AFM, FT-IR, CD, UV-vis) of stimuli-responsive hydrogels. Natashya joined Prof. Khademhosseini’s lab in June 2021 as a postdoctoral researcher. Here she will be conducting research in the field of tissue engineering and biomaterials and proposing novel solutions using biomaterials and bioengineering approaches to solve problems in regenerative medicine and drug delivery.

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