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We offer laboratory services listed below as a part of our core lab services. We also are capable of working together with you to develop tailored assays for use in transplant (or other areas of medicine). 

Whether you want a quote for our core lab services, require more information on sample types and handling procedures, need a letter of support, are interested in partnering with use to develop a new assay, or simply have questions about how the Terasaki Research Institute might advance your research, we encourage you to submit your inquiry via the link below. Your inquiry will be immediately directed to the appropriate department or individual for a timely response.

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HLA Typing

We provide low resolution HLA typing by SSO and SSP method. We can provide typing for HLA- A, -B, -C, -DRB1, -DRB3,4,5, -DQ-alpha, -DQ-beta, and -DP alleles. Currently, we accept whole blood or buccal swab samples for typing.

HLA and non-HLA Antibody Testing

We provide solid phase (via Luminex beads) antibody screening against HLA Class I and Class II.  We can further stratify the type of antibody by C1q-fxing, IgM, and IgG subclass. For research purposes, we also test for MICA, AT1R, and other non-HLA antibodies and serum/tissue biomarkers.  Currently, we accept whole blood or separated sera or plasma samples for antibody screening. We can also accept biopsy tissue samples for testing.

microRNA and more

We are currently doing research in the areas of microRNA and cytokines/chemokines. We are looking for centers to collaborate with us to further develop an understanding of these ares in transplant. We welcome groups to send samples or collaborate to help develop new discoveries in these areas.  

New assay development

Our scientists are highly skilled and can collaborate with you (i.e. as a part of a grant) and help develop tailored diagnostic/ biomarker assays. Our team can develop assays for gene expression (Quantitative PCR), genotyping, flow cytometry, ELISA, and Luminex single antigen beads, and more.