K.R. Prabha, Chairperson, Washington Global Health Alliance Board of Directors

Transforming health care to become more affordable and convenient with better experience is K. R. Prabha’s focus. She brings an international view, engineering mindset, and empathetic design when solving healthcare challenges having lived and worked in the U.S., Canada, and India.   
Prabha has worked with over twenty health organizations including integrated care delivery systems, academic medical centers, regional systems and faith-based entities, as well as national and regional health insurers. She collaborates with Boards of Directors, C-suite executives, and senior management to design and execute transformative growth strategies, formulate digital journeys, redesign operating models, and build operational excellence. Prabha is recognized for building and leading high-performing teams committed to a common vision.   
Her background in strategy, operations, and technology consulting has provided her with a strong foundation in growth strategy and development, financial analysis, product and program management, and risk mitigation. She helps health care executives identify and adopt best practices to adopt from other industries - energy, high-tech, and manufacturing. Prabha enjoys publishing and speaking on health care challenges and innovations.  
Pursuing her interest in global health, Prabha serves as Chairperson of the Board of Directors for Washington Global Health Alliance. 

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