Julie Hill, Corporate Board Member 

As the first woman board member WellPoint, the precursor company to Anthem, Inc., as well as on the $200B AUM Lord Abbett, and as first woman Chair of the University of California at Irvine Foundation Board of Trustees, Julie Hill has helped to light the way for other women; to make more “shelf-space” for women and diverse candidates, not to just take the one seat, and sit still.

As the first female CEO of the US operations of Costain, a London-based international construction, mining and engineering company, she dealt with the nuances of business between two countries “divided by a common language.” As the only woman corporate board member on the Sydney, Australia-based Lend Lease Corporation, Hill was dealing with both gender issues for women in the business, as well as diverse operations in 80 different geographies and cultures around the world. She is also an entrepreneur, having founded in 1998, and then sold in 2003 her own land development and construction business, Hillside Development.

Julie Hill has always believed that business can, and must, do better. Hill believes that stakeholder capitalism is the only sustainable business model in today’s world. With Leader’s Quest, The B-Team and the YPO Impact Board, she shares this vision: Business can be profitable AND lead the way to positive systemic and structural change. The organizations she works with light the way to social equity, human rights, and the right of our next generations to inherit a healthy planet.

She has worked with such companies as Savvy Co-op, Project Wayfinder and Chime who share her vision for a better world. Hill is energized by their spirit of adventure and hard work and privileged to live in their world of new insights, to understand their perspectives, and to revel in their achievements.

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