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We love developing investigator-initiated trials and advise on industry sponsored trials. We conduct post-hoc analyses to learn more about the product and to create better future drug development. We want to share our expertise with you to enable lab services to be done in clinical trials and research at a reasonable price. Here are some of the companies the Terasaki Research Institute works with:


Astellas Pharma


Bristol-Myers Squibb

CSL Behring

Hansa BioMedical

Octapharma AG

One Lambda, Inc

Veloxis Pharmaceutical



Our Services




Data Analytics, Visualization, and Presentation

We want to find the needle in the haystack when it comes to data analysis. We take multiple approaches to reach a solution. This is only possible with a team that comes from multiple angles. We have a staff of diverse staff with strong mathematical and pattern recognition skills with a diverse set of training that includes engineering, biostatistics, and pharmacy. Here of just some of the services we can provide:


- Biostatistical Analysis

- Machine Learning

- Clinical Trial Simulation and Modeling

- Data Visualization and Presentation Design


We know that data just as data will not do much to lead to change. We pride ourselves at finding ways to present data so that the intended audience can understand. Whether we need to make slides, infographics, or just pull together the data into a well written manuscript, we are very capable of making data pop!

Patient Surveys and PRO Measure Development

We also want to make sure that the right solutions are meeting a patient’s needs. As a result we are in the business of making simple patient reported outcomes measures and interviewing patients to truly understand how they feel. Understanding a patient preference and what a patient prioritizes is something we work to understand.


- Social Media Surveying

- Patient Interviews

- Advising on which PROs to use in clinical trials

- Analyzing PRO data


If you are a company looking to get feedback and develop so that the patient actually likes taking your medication or likes using your app, we help you get there.



Clinical Trial Strategy

We understand the clinical transplant centers and have research consortia in place to get trials done faster. We work with companies to advise on the makeup of advisory boards, clinical trial sites, and the design of clinical trials. We want clinical trials to enroll faster and for industry to make informed decisions.

HLA Typing and HLA/non-HLA Antibody Testing

We provide low resolution HLA typing by SSO and SSP method. We can provide typing for HLA- A, -B, -C, -DRB1, -DRB3,4,5, -DQ-alpha, -DQ-beta, and -DP alleles. Currently, we accept whole blood or buccal swab samples for typing.We provide solid phase (via Luminex beads) antibody screening against HLA Class I and Class II.  We can further stratify the type of antibody by C1q-fxing, IgM, and IgG subclass. For research purposes, we also test for MICA, AT1R, and other non-HLA antibodies and serum/tissue biomarkers.  Currently, we accept whole blood or separated sera or plasma samples for antibody screening. We can also accept biopsy tissue samples for testing.


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