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At the Terasaki Research Institute, work with our research and industry partners to facilitate and produce high quality and high value research. One way we do this is through serving as a collaborative partners on NIH and Industry sponsored grants. In addition to providing intellectual insight into the best research for patient centered innovation, we offer a number of value added services on grants. These services include the following: laboratory services (anti-HLA antibody testing, microRNA library screens, etc.), data science (i.e. machine learning/AI), data coordinating center (with biostatistics, database setup, data visualization), and data analytics for business partners. Because of our dedication to the patient and of commitment to honesty and research of the highest integrity, we will provide a competitive low rate on our service costs. We are committed to stretching the dollars in research to make more innovation possible.

Listed below are some details related to our grant preparation.

Official Institute Mailing Address

Terasaki Research Institute
Contracts and Grants Administration
1018 Westwood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90024-2903
Los Angeles County

33rd Congressional District (CA-33)


Facilities and Administrative (F/A) Costs and Benefit Rate

For Department of Health and Human Services research we are currently processing paperwork to receive a federally negotiated rate. Until the rate is in effect our current F/A rate (as of 1/2018) is the federally accepted minimum of 10% of Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC includes salary/wages, fringe benefits, materials and supplies, services, and travel).

For industry sponsored research and non-federal grants, our indirect rate (F/A rate) is 26% (as of 1/2018).
The composite benefit rate for all grants for TRI employees is 31% (as of 1/2018).



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