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  CEO's Corner   

Growing up I didn’t always know what career I wanted to pursue, and it wasn’t until college where I found my calling and passion for scientific research to solve problems and improve patient health.  The first few years I spenworking in labs but with no real success.  It took me five years to publish my first paper and, looking back, I recall the challenges I faced and the failures I experienced.  But what I also remember was my drive to improve, move through the obstacles, and learn from my failures. As I’ve grown in my career, I think about where I started, what lessons I learned and the biggest takeaway from each experience. And through this reflection, I have found that developing a set of Leadership Principles, adapted from my time at Amazon, is a key ingredient to building the culture of a successful Institute.  

At TIBI, we work within an interdisciplinary, collaborative ecosystem that requires developing a cohesive culture to create a strong and vibrant foundation for the work being done. Our culture is built on our Leadership Principles and they are what drives our team’s day-to-day activitiesas well as how we work towards our long-term goals.  

The nature of our work includes rejection and failure – most proposals do not get funding and many papers do not initially get accepted.  I’ve learned that the world of biomedical innovation is a constant practice of perseverance. What is most important is how we pick ourselves back up and move forward until we achieve success. We can achieve success by constantly identifying how we can raise the bar daily and increase standards for ourselves and for our colleagues.  It is important to regularly examine how we can set goals for ourselves to be better and to explore professional and personal growth outside of our comfort zone. We can do this by making even the smallest improvements to push ourselves and our team to grow beyond our own expectations. To raise the bar daily creates goals for individuals to aim for when working through challenges and using those opportunities to grow.  

While we strive to grow daily, I also believe it is necessary to aim big by taking calculated risks on moonshot ideas and not letting go of long-term goals by sacrificing for short-term gains. Transformational changes can happen when you innovate and think outside the box.  We aim to work on research that is going to dramatically move the needle in areas, not just make incremental enhancements. In our efforts to aim big it requires that we also be curious and broaden our knowledge to continue to challenge each other and existing paradigms.   

Our Institute is built around our Leadership Principles and we strive to exemplify them in our daily work and to improve ourselves and our team.  


Ali Khademhosseini 


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