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  CEO's Corner   

Today, we face some of the biggest challenges in health care from understanding and finding cures for diseases, like COVID-19to personalizing treatments for patients, to ensuring equal access to medical care for allI am excited to lead the Terasaki Institute for Biomedical Innovation in a bold direction to further its scientific research endeavors, in the biomedical field, to address these challenges and work to bridge the gap between sickness and wellness.  


We are working to build an ecosystem of collaborative research and development that will enable our work to be rapidly translated into products or devices to benefit patients today. We have brought on new facultywho are top researchers in their fields, and continue to build a team of diverse, passionate, and motivated scientists to work collaboratively to address health problems and develop creative ideas to meet the medical needs of patientsThe next generation of scientists and engineers are vital to the work we are doing and through our Terasaki Fellows program, we are training and mentoring them to be the future leaders in the biomedical field. 


While many of us continue to work from home, our science team has returned to the lab, with social distancing and new safety precautions in place, to work on COVID related research in hopes of making a discovery that will contribute to the end of this current pandemic.  They are also continuing work to address the challenges of drug delivery, understanding diseases, minimizing animal testing through the development of organs-on-a-chip technology, finding ways to minimize infections by creating minimally invasive therapies and smart band-aids and addressing a number of other health-related challenges we face today. 

As we all continue to adapt to our changing environments and how we seek and receive health care during this uncertain time, we strive to identify new challenges within the medical field and are committed to enhancing patient health through transformative research. 




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