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We don't just rely on waiting for other to do something in transplant.  We lead. We are developing investigator initiated trials, helping build research consortia, running and expanding international registries.

Listed below are a few of the projects we are working on right now.  Check back often as we will be releasing details of additional new projects we are working on. 

MTA Consortia

We have aligned with Mark Stegall, MD, at the Mayo Clinic to help make a new type of research consortium possible in organ transplantation. The MTA-K (kidney) and MTA-P (pancreas) are two major research consortia that we have already help build. These consortia are comprised of world class transplant centers. The MTA mission is to improve the outcomes of kidney and pancreas transplant recipients through innovative and efficient clinical trials conducting by leading medical institutions around the world. We believe new innovation will be possible through the MTA.

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International Intestinal Transplant Registry

We host the International Intestinal Transplant Registy (IITR). The mission of the IITR is to provide data on the outcomes of intestine transplantation to the international intestine transplant community in order to support their efforts and improve outcomes as well as inform policy development. We are also working with the Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplant Association (ITRA) of the Transplantation Society to make the registry even better.  We hope we can learn and work together to make significant improvements in intestinal transplantation.

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If you want to work with us, we encourage you to submit your inquiry via the link below. We would love to dream with you and lend our expertise to make innovation happen. 

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