Car Rentals

Renting a car is a straightforward process. At the minimum, all you will need is your driver's license and an acceptable form of payment (eg. credit card, debit card).

My recommendation is to always pay for the additional collision insurance that car rental companies offer as you wouldn't want to be hassled for taking care of small scratches or dents with your own insurance. Listed below are traditional car rental agencies in the area. In addition, you could also consider an app such as Turo, which will allow you to be more specific in the type of vehicle you rent. Keep in mind Turo is a peer to peer service as opposed to the traditional car rental agencies where you will be renting from a company fleet.

Be prepared for bumper to bumper rush hour traffic from 7-9 AM and 2-7 PM. Insider tip: A GPS is a big time-saver when navigating through L.A. so be sure to put your smartphone to good use and consider packing a car charger. Have a few good podcasts on hand to make your commute feel smoother.

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