Ben Pouladian, Investor 

Ben Pouladian is a noted electrical engineer, entrepreneur, and biotech investor whose personal experiences have profoundly shaped his career trajectory.  
Ben began his professional journey at the University of California, San Diego, where he studied Electrical Engineering. Harnessing his knowledge and skills, he founded an LED lighting company in 2005, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit. His leadership and innovative approach led the company to success, and he sold it in 2019.  
However, his professional focus underwent a significant shift following personal tragedy. Ben lost his father to liver cancer and a few years later his mother to non-small cell lung cancer. His mother's difficulty accessing necessary medication from a New York-based pharmaceutical company opened his eyes to a glaring problem within the LA Life Science Market - a dearth of adequate lab space.  
This realization sparked a new passion and purpose in him.  Ben is currently a respected member of the Terasaki Institute Leadership Board. In addition to this role, he is an investor in numerous local biotech companies. His mission is ambitious yet deeply personal: to establish the necessary lab spaces under the HELIX brand that can accelerate the development of cures and therapies. His hope is that no one else has to endure the pain and frustration that he experienced with his parents' illnesses.  
Ben's story is one of resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment. Through his efforts, he strives to transform the LA life science landscape, bridging gaps between need and accessibility. Guided by the legacy of his parents, he channels his energy towards a cause that could positively impact millions of lives. His vision for HELIX is not just to create physical space, but to pave the way for advancements that can reshape the future of healthcare.  

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