Bridging the Gap


Bridging the gap from research to patients 

The development of our innovations relies on fluid interactions between our researchers and clinicians. It begins with research and communication to identify medical needs and to develop preliminary models and prototypes to meet those needs. From there, the innovation progresses to initial and advanced stages of patient trials before moving into the translational stage. Once the finalized innovation is translated into a finished medical treatment or device, it is put into use in a clinic and, eventually, in the wider community to benefit larger populations.  

Accelerating Impact Through Innovation 

With support from the Terasaki Foundation, as well as from private and governmental funding, the Terasaki Institute for Biomedical Innovation works closely with academic and clinical collaborators, as well as with entrepreneurial partners with long-standing experience in industry.  As an independent entity, the Institute is able to create unrestricted domestic and international networks to build a strong foundation of innovation and translation. 

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