Dr. Paul I Terasaki Short Biography

1964: He developed the micro lymphocytotoxicity test.

1970: The micro lymphocytotoxicity test was adopted as the international standard method of tissue typing.

1968-1984: Tissue typing trays were supplied to the transplant community by his UCLA laboratory, and after 1984 by One Lambda, which is a private company he established.

1969-1999: Professor of Surgery at UCLA.

2000: TFL (Terasaki Foundation Laboratory) was established to develop therapy for cancer


Presidential roles:

• The International Histocompatibility Society

• The International Transplant Society

• The American Society of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics

Honors & Awards:

• The Medawar Prize from the International Transplant Society

• The Karl Landsteiner and Emily Cooly Award from the American Association of Blood Banks

• The Phillip Levine Award from the American Society of Clinical Pathologists

Publication: Over 800 articles