A Road to Improving Long-Term Transplant Survival


Stegall MD, Park WD, Dean PG, Cosio FG.  

In the American Journal of Transplantation, Stegall and colleagues outline a new road to improving allograft survival in renal transplant patients.  They make the argument that "rather than searching for new and better de novo immunosuppressive agents, we need to focus more on improving long term follow-up." Dr Stegall suggests "a combination of serum tests (DSA levels and polyoma virus testing) and protocol biopsies" should be used to identify the patients at highest risk of allograft loss. Once these highest risk patients are identified changes in immunosuppression and monitoring may be means to do something that hasn't been done in the 40+ year history of transplantation - significantly improve the rate of allograft loss after the first year post transplant.