Outcome of Patients with Preformed Donor-Specific Antibodies Following Alemtuzumab Induction and Tacrolimus Monotherapy


Willicombe M, Brookes P, Santos-Nunez E, Galliford J, Ballow A, Mclean A, Roufosse C, Cook HT, Dorling A, Warrens AN, Cairns T, Taube D


In patients receiving a kidney transplant after alemtuzumab induction and tacrolimus monotherapy, those who had negative CDC crosmatch (XM) and negative flow XM but preformed DSA detected by single antigen beads had significantly lower 3-year graft survival (86.7% vs. 94.3%, p=0.047), higher rates of rejection (33% vs. 18%, p=0.019), higher rates of AMR (27% vs. 9%) and poorer allograft function measured by serum creatinine after 1 year (1.69 mg/dL vs. 1.44 mg/dL, p=0.06) than patients without preformed DSA.